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The Internet Communities Wiki (IC.Wiki) is a open, community sourced platform build to map out the landscape of different Internet-related issues and communities.

Internet Communities

There is no single Internet Community, but there are a large number of communities across the world that are actively working on Internet-related issues. These communities bring their own unique perspective, approach and missions, but they are all linked by the goal of preserving and/or expanding the benefits of a global Internet.

In pursuing this shared goal, many individuals, organizations, and groups are addressing the same issues, but are unaware of the other work that's being done. This mutual focus could be leverages in a number of ways, including sharing best practices, collaborating or having discussion with those that have a different perspective.

The Internet Communities Wiki provide a tool for these communities to better understand the actors, fora, policy frameworks, resources available and more in the issue areas they care about.

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