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Internet exchange points (IXPs) are a key part of the Internet's infrastructure which provide a physical location that facilitate the exchange of Internet traffic between different networks. This allows networks to connect directly to each other, rather than through a third-parties networks, enabling local traffic to be exchanged locally, rather than internationally, as can often be the case when networks exchange local traffic via upstream providers. This enables a reduction in costs while improving latency and bandwidth.

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Event Start End Location Region
Event Start End Location Region
2018 OPEN-IX Annual General Meeting November 2, 2018 November 2, 2018 USA Global
33rd Euro-IX Forum November 4, 2018 November 6, 2018 Italy Europe

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Actor Stakeholder Group Scope Country or Territory Solutions
Actor Stakeholder Group Scope Country or Territory Solutions
European Internet Exchange Association Technical Europe United Kingdom Convening Capacity Development Coordination
Packet Clearing House Technical Global USA Capacity Development Education Research

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Resource Organization Release Date
Resource Organization Release Date
Policy Brief: Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) Internet Society October 30, 2015

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